wooden thomas
Age of Aquarium Dressed to Spill
1 - Spatula from "7 Beers in Tibet"
2 - Subtitle from "Subconcious Garage Sale"
3 - Blasphemous Head from "Free Model Plane Inside"
4 - Skink from "7 Beers in Tibet"
5 - No Chorus from "Impotent Steeple"
6 - Hypnosample from "Impotent Steeple"
7 - Giant Eyed Princess from "Impotent Steeple"
8 - I Feel Pretty from "7 Beers in Tibet"
9 - Window Sill from "Subconcious Garage Sale"
10 - Gumball Machine from "Free Model Plane Inside"

And then it came that we had bestown upon us a CD by Wooden Thomas himself. We thought he said it was Dragon Chow Mein, his latest release, and mentioned yet a newer release is coming soon. Very soon.

It turned out the CD contained only 1 long track, of the Wooden guy himself, playing live with the Providence Irish Mafia in (where else) Providence! That trickster! I took this long track and sliced it into 6 tracks for your listening pleasure.

Without further ado, here are the 6 tracks:


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