Next up was...a scavenger hunt. What can I say. My heart just wasn't in it. I didn't even try to get a list of things to scavenge. Two guys noticed me standing there wondering where to go to take some more pictures and kind of convinced me I should be on their team. So, being a good sport, I glanced over peoples' shoulders to take a gander at their lists in between searching for more things. I got 5 out of 9(?) items and then I noticed the 2 guys were GONE. No where to be found. here were my 5 items:

Some people were a lot more into it than I. They made it more fun to take pictures.

FIRST CANDID SHOT OF THE DAY! You'll be seeing a lot more of these as I continue to unwind. This is Jessica. Isn't she beautiful? She rode up on the bus too. She makes music boxes. Her husband (who I met later) makes marionettes (and looks nothing like John Cusack) and they are having a show together in Brooklyn on 11/9. I think I will go.

It ended on kind of a weird note. Some friends of mine who were there got the idea in their head that my scavenged stuff was so cool that I should go up there and offer it up for consideration by the judges. I only had about half of the items so of course I did not win. If I wasn't drunk, I might have gotten pissed off at being made an asshole out of, but since I was drunk, I didn't really care. It was even a little bit funny. And to make it all better, the next event was arguably my favorite one of all...the firing of the mighty Potato Cannon!

***Couch Toboggan race!***contents***POTATO CANNON!!!***