Radio Volta benefit
Last Friday it was my pleasure to attend a Radio Volta benefit. 4 bands played. I took pictures of each of the bands. Here are links to the bands' picture pages:

Temple of Bon Matin
Bunny Brains
Image 33
Kiss Kiss Kill

also I took some other miscellaneous shots of partygoers reveling:

They had a (all vegan I think) bake sale, and t shirts were also being sold. She liked this shot better. Requested I did not use the other one I took:

Debbie my ex roomate was there! She's leaving for New Orleans soon...

Anita was afraid she would 'turn up somewhere on the Web' har har har! But she liked the picture so I took that to mean it was ok to use it.

No WAY! It's Nitro Joe, pictured here talking with Eric of Kiss Kiss Kill. I hadn't seen that guy in YEARS!!! He used to do a cartoon/zine called 'Nitro the Clown'

I had to get a shot of this guy. Is he a wrestler, a superhero, a slave?? Maybe a combo. I never caught his name. It was his birthday too.

some of the writing on the wall....