I arrrived in Penn Station NY around quarter til 11. The ride to Coney Island (on bicycle!!) was a lot longer then I expected. My new bike is really heavy so I had to downshift out of top gear to go over the Manhattan Bridge and also on Flatbush Ave on the way in to Prospect Park which is on top of quite a hill. Coming down the other side I was greeted by a brisk headwind. I thought it started at 12 noon so I was sure I was late when I arrived around 20 past 12 but it didn't start til 2 so I was alllll riiight.

The parade route, pictured here as sort of a green rectangle, started at 10th and the Boardwalk, up the 'walk to 15th, and then north to Surf, where it curled back around toward 10th again. I took a bunch of pictures, and proceeded to lose my camera! After a short while of being pissed off -- after all, when I first

arrived, everyone who spoke to me asked me where I got the camera, as if there were no cameras left for MILES AROUND. -- I thought I was Screwed! And I since I tended to say: 'I got this at Broad and Susquehanna', and was a smart ass and waited a bit to watch their faces become progressively confused, then add, 'in North Philly'. God decided to torture me, again. That asshole! I'll show Him! I decided against all odds to go hunt down another camera.

The big red dot to the northeast is where I got the 2nd camera. Those things cost a lot more in New York than they do in Philly. heh.

I'm not sure why exactly I decided to bring a camera. Usually I don't bring camaras anywhere. I think I should more often. After a while, I would take fewer dispappointing pictures.

I'm amazed this one came out! I took it while whizzing by on a bicycle.

As I approached with my replacement camera the tail end of the parade was still going on. Later, I took a better picture of these sea plants swaying around post-parade on the Boardwalk, but it didn't come out.

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