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Snib said I should make option3 easier to find

How hard it is to find your way around!
I've just been awakened from a deep sleep by an old friend who wants to return an old favorite yummily comfy chair I gave her in 1996 when I left town for Mexico. She commented that it's hard to find your way around my site. So in case you're flummoxed, let me give you a hand. *clap clap clap* yayyy!
No seriously folx here's the deal:
option3 is about as close to an online journal as you'll find here. It was originally meant to be one, and it kind of still is...I think.
pink & white kind of turned into a separate journal for a while. It's nicer to look at than option3. Snib says it's very eyeballious. Maybe you should go see what she means.
this is old and kind of needs a new layout, but I like what's there: a collection of fun things I found, made, and wrote.
Guinea Pig USA is a listing of places to go and get new drugs tested on you for good money. I made $5000 for a 3 week stay the last time I did one. I think I'll do another of these later this year, maybe when it gets too god damned hot the way it often does around here.
There are a few 'foreign' as in non-united states test sites here, but this list is far less extensive.

Too many links! is the obligatory page full of links! Check it out! I have hundreds! almost.
camarama is my baby cam portal. Right now there are only 10 cams, but I hooked it up with all this cool (hand written not copied!!) java mouseover stuff. If you want to be on it too, let me know. There's a link to my email address on that page, so go.
dreams is just that. It's a dream log! I don't update it anything like often. I usually don't feel like posting every dream. But I do have some whoppers once is a while. They are here.
other people's dreams are here. If you had a dream that you want me to post here, send it in and I will.
There's more stuff up there on the upper right (scroll over if you're at less than 1024 pixels wide) and click on something. I'm going back to sleep. I need to be at work in less than 3 hours.

big huge font time...

Back to work...70-80 hour week this week. Ah well I don't seem to need as much sleep so it'll work out perfect and I'll make lots of money. Even better than perfect cause of the natural high I'll be riding. I don't feel it right now for some reason. I'm sealed off from light up here, but somehow my body's springtime! So I don't need as much sleep, I'm easily distracted, I often feel as if I'm in love even though it's not directed at any particular person. I repeat myself sometimes. I repeat myself sometimes. For some reason I don't feel it right now. Too cold maybe. I heard partiers partying outside last night for Valentine's day. No wait - St Patrick's day. yes yes one of those pointless holidays of yours. Maybe there should be a 13th 'day of Christmas' with 13 partiers partying. I stayed in and watched 2 movies. Buck & Chuck- this one kind of hard to watch at times but all in all I thought it was all right. I don't want to get into detail here. They kept playing this song (well it was really a few songs probably by the same band) that reminded me of this singer Linda Hagood that my friend used to be in love with (and it was mutual..lucky lucky -- but then it came to a sad end..doesn't love always?) and after that we watched the movie PI which was the 3rd time I'd seen it and that movie gets better every time I see it! Very spirally. I missed the last 5 minutes curled up in my cozy shell sleeping cause I had only slept 2 hours the night before. Now get this - I only was able to sleep because I ate! As long as I don't eat...I don't have to sleep! ha! well good-bye. I'll be back after I get done this heaping slab-o-work. And with a new cam too ;)

ps that 'natural high' turned to shit. Unless you count . DEEP HATE . as a high, which it is, I guess. The streets were THICK with assholes last night. God Damn Lawsuit-Fishin motherFUCKERS interlaced with the standard array of total fuckin' Idiots. I wish I could see them all incinerated, or better yet, eaten alive by carniverous insects. Either way would work, as long as I got to listen to their screams. It would also be good entertainment to have them crucified (definitely Jesus-style, with the nails, not ropes), not tortured first, so they would last a couple of days, while I bopped them about the jaw with a long pole whenever I got bored of the crows landing on their shoulders and nipping off a piece of ear here, an eyeball there. Aw hehe now I'm happy again! Time for some coffee.

These pictures are ones I took last summer of the abandoned piers near where I live. Yes, that's a PIER! You can see the water on either side if you look closely. The state of overgrowth lends a feel of paradise to the scene. This is one place I like to go to 'get away from it all'.

Here's a shot off the side of the same pier, looking out to the next one north. That one juts out about twice as far and is a good place to view the big ships that sail up the river. The only trouble is having to keep out of sight when the coast guard comes by. They really don't seem to like it if they see anyone there. The first and only time I was spotted they only blared through their loudspeaker at me to get off the pier. I suppose they might take things a little further occasionally, so I prefer not to be too visible when I am here.

Soon, it will be summer again. Yes... warm... summer. Thoughts like this keep me going through the day....

Please read the following before continue:

By further continue. We are agree that the person who can take responsibility by itself is you. Funny thing about continue are: Is better to continue when you have not continue, than not to continue when are continue. And, if you are see your mom this weekend, would be you sure and tell her:
You are on the way to destruction.
You have no chance to survive make your time.

'Hey where'd everything go?' I hear you ask...

Well I didn't REALLY hear that (no no I don't need to go on "meds") but you know what I mean... I happened to glance at my site one day and I was struck by a horrible realization. At first glance, it looked like NOTHING BUT A WHOLE BUNCH OF LINKS!!! Probably not many people who came here could even FIND what content there is (yes there really IS some content here, believe it or not). If you were linked or if you came here looking for links, don't worry -- I moved all the too-many-links over to here. A lot of content can be found by clicking thru the links on the upper right where it says 'contents' (imagine that!). I'm making a concerted effort to add to that collection whenever I have the time and the inspiration (and if you think making a 'concerted effort' BY YOURSELF is easy, you're fucking crazy). To the upper left, we have 'eyes' which is similar to the original layout for twilight headquarters (originally the eyes were in a frame on the left side instead of the top). Now let's go back into history a little bit. This was the original THQ. My longest-lasting online friend who I 'met' over 2 years ago on ICQ of all things, Wu Qi You, went there and really HATED all the eyes since they made her feel like she was being watched. I found this kind of upsetting, as I wondered how many others had the same reaction. Not to worry: one night I was smoking a lot of hash and the idea struck me to do a page of all NOSES! It seemed just ridiculous enough to make me think it a worthwhile exploit. Now back to modern times: Last spring I discovered a type of site called e/n which made me think it would be cool if part of my site was like a journal with a lot of weird random links embedded in it. So I started up the part I called option3 and now I get a ton of hits due to search engines indexing the massive quantity of WORDS which make up most of that page. It's pretty much a journal which a few gaps here and there, with and without embedded links, depending on my mood that day Since I didn't follow the (e/n) tradition of having 'archives' it's a humongous html file which won't even fit on a 3" 1.4MB floppy! Not to give the impression that Twilight HQ is e/n. If you came here on a search for 'naked 13 year old amputees' or something equally silly that's because I decided to play around with the <meta> tag about a year ago and it started paying off BIG TIME after about 6 months. Geez, I guess grotesque sex really DOES sell, doesn't it? Enjoy your trip around this place and come back again as I keep adding more STUFF every now and then. What have I done with this place lately? I suppose this is the newest thing here. And I really should do more with this page. Bye for now! BB

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