This would be a funny song to be playing in an Indian restaurant. It makes me want to eat Indian food too! *salivates*

Samosa is currently my favorite Indian restaurant in Philadelphia. It's all vegetarian! I'm not vegetarian, but I still like vegetarian food.

Tony Lukes has a delicious vegetarian sandwich, the Uncle Mike. They also have delicious sandwiches with meat too. They even have Ostrich Burgers! I tried one once and it tasted like it had spent a looong time in a freezer in between being an ostrich and being my burger. Someday I want to eat fresh ostrich meat.

I want to try fresh alligator meat too. I think I'll have to go to Florida to get that, but I have had alligator jerky at an alligator farm in Colorado, of all places. It tasted somewhere between fish and chicken. There was an ostrich there too! I had a tug of war with him! The newspaper that we were tugging on ripped but I got the bigger half. If I believed in wishes, I suppose I would have gotten mine. But wishing for me usually turns out to be a jinx, so I don't do wishes.

Have you ever noticed how much Judge Judy looks like the Crypt Keeper?
exhibit A
exhibit B
sometimes, it's hard to tell which is which....
exhibit C
exhibit D

I bet you'll really like dancing paul.

Dr. Shit. No shit. Dr. Shit.

Test your bandwidth Neato! See how fast your connection REALLY is.

Wooden Thomas.

And now, a simple mead recipe:
Take 12 and a half pounds of honey, add to 5 gallons of water, add about a half cup to a cup of yeast nutrient (this is important as commercial honey is pasteurized which burns out all the nutrients) and boil for 20-30 minutes. pour it carefully, without splashing, lest it oxidize and get sour (this is not good) into a glass carboy (like an office water cooler jug, only glass) and cork it with a fermentation seal (aka a 'bung'). Let sit for 2 months (until it turns clear) between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temps will ferment faster but it won't taste as good. Siphon the mead into another glass carboy, leaving the layer of sediment in the bottom. (This is a fun step, as it will already get you drunk, it just tastes half finished.) Let it sit another month or so and siphon it into the case of beer bottles you saved and sterilized. Better off to not refrigerate it, as the flavor keeps geting better as it sits. Probably at least 12-15% alcohol if not more (20%?).

That will be all for now.