We were going to take bikes down there, but some cop decided to ruin somebody's vacation when he saw us and pulled me over cause he couldn't see my license plate. Also, he said I ran a stop sign (which I didn't) and gave me a ticket for that instead, so now I have to lose a day fighting the ticket, so as not to get points on my license. After he was done having his fun, we went back to my place and lost the bikes, so as to avoid more trouble. Then we were off, in a slightly sourer mood, which didn't last for long.
It took about 3 hours ish to get there and while we walked to the camp site I was like 'Wow the gnats here are nasty! OH SHIT! They're MOSQUITOES!' as I noticed a carpet of them on my arm. Then I inhaled one and started choking on it as it bit me inside my throat! This happened several times. Soon I was wishing I had brougt a dust mask. eiww. There was really no way to keep them from riding into the tent on my pants as more would instantly replace any I knocked off, so I did a mosquito killing freakout with a towel after entry. Still there were about 20 live ones left but soon they were all full and fat with blood as they sat on the inside of the tent. I slept fitfully and woke at 3 am as Sue Sniblet was looking for the pistachios outside and I thought she was a pony.
In the morning I took a walk on the beach and tried out the camera. The beach was relatively mosquito free and quite pleasant. Dead horseshoe crabs were scattered here and there on the beach. Kind of fitting for a wild pony inhabited island, dont you think?

Here's one right here with tracks alongside:

And what made the tracks? Why a PONY of course!
Here's that pony, next to some TRUCK tracks...

I didn't bother to take a picture of the truck.

and then...