The long-awaited Assateague Island trip!

I first heard of Assateague Island from an aquaintance back around '97 or therabouts. It's a barrier island off the coast of Maryland (on the DelMarVa peninsula to be more exact) where there are wild ponies running loose. WILD PONIES. In this day and age, on the east coast! That's just plain bizarre, really. What a trip it would be to go there! It seems you need a credit card to reserve a campsite, and I didn't have one back then. d'oh!

Much more recently, say last spring, I mentioned the place to Melissa (yes Melissa who later was in the 2002 Mermaid Parade as a Space Mermaid). Well she went there with some friends and reportedly had a really great time, got a sunburn, no problem really. The only snafu: Ponies ate her hamburger buns! That sounded like the kind of place I could have a good time in, so I made plans to go when my Colorado/Wyoming trip fell through. I arranged for the end of July/beginning of August. That was my first mistake... why? here's why:

And they're not shitting you either. If I ever go there again, it'll be in late spring. Like in May. After all, Melissa never mentioned mosquitoes to me even ONCE. I can only assume they really weren't that bad, then. It's funny how now that I've actually been there, people who have also been there *always* mention how bad the mosquitos were, yet no one mentioned it to me *before* I went... I even came across this postcard while I was in the area: the place IS actually known to be highly mosquitoful. They were intense! It was like one of those killer bee movies from the 70's, except with mosquitoes instead of bees. Other than that, it was a beautiful place to spend 24 hours.