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Ahh this old site. I keep telling myself I should reorganize it and make things easier to find, but then again there's parts of this site that are better off left being found by pure chance. Maybe someday I'll come up with a menu of the photo sets etc that are better off being easy to find. Til then, enjoy the chaos...

The three most popular pages on this site seem to be
1. lynx :: people searching for "" maybe? More research is needed.
2. placenta recipes :: Everyone LOVES placenta recipes! A favorite of mothering forums as well as "gross-out" ones. Plus many searches for "placenta recipes".
3. potato cannon :: MAD amounts of searches for "potato cannon". Very strange.

God bless indexing robots.

Rubulad Taurus Fest (a.k.a. "Escape From New York") Jersey City 5/3/3

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more or less new pages:
HERE are the rest of the pictures from the Radio Volta benefit of Valentine's day 2003.

Bunny Brains! They were one of the bands who played at the Valentine's Radio Volta benefit.
More band pics from that show will be forthcoming. Also pics from the Peace March which drew 10,000 to 20,000 people to Philadelphia to protest Bush jumping into a grudge match with Iraq and making us new enemies around the globe!
Also pics from my "wedding" on 11/23/02, and maybe some pictures of brerwing much to do, and I'm SOOO TIRED. didn't get much sleep last night, busy day, yada yada yada.

Tom Waits Festival #12

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What is the "main page"? I really don't know any more. Look around. Most of the pictures here are links too. Like these, for example:

or, keep going.... down, down, ever downward.

Perhaps you've already seen those funeral home pictures I took last year. Well, I have with me here some funeral related pictures sent to me all the way from the wilds of New Jersey! Some funny stuff, I might add. I plan on doing them up with a little more care later when I have time, but for now you may peruse them simply by clicking here.

Assateague Island. *whew* I thought I'd never get around to making those pages, but then, I did.

MERMAID PARADE PICS: those Mermaid Parade 2002 pics

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