I think I'll mostly let these pictures and movies speak for themselves. yes there are movies. They are .avi files and if you don't have a fast connection they will take a long time to squeeze through the tiny pinhole of bandwidth your dialup modem provides. Well, actually, they're not that big. They range in size from 962K to 3.1M. Even the big ones will come down eventually.

Onward- to the pictures!


Then I realized, after the 2nd race, by Gosh, this camera thing I have takes MOVIES too! Now I can't help but feel those pictures don't really do the toboggan races justice. None of them captures the CROWD. There is a crowd, you see. It gathered up more after the first 2 races happened. And, sometimes they have to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! It adds to the excitement. Really you should download at least some of the movies...right here:

movie (2.3 megs)
movie (3.1 megs)

a 2-parter: movie (962 Kb)   movie (1.5 megs)

movie (2.7 megs)
movie (3.1 megs)

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