And then, the sun came out...or tried. Still, it was too bright for some people. Like Mika, who came up to me and began to gripe about it being too bright. Well I like the sun, I reply. She looked like she was descended from Indians (the kind from India not America, bub). I thought how strange it was for someone descended from tropical people to dislike the Sun. She was gorgeous too. Being self-absorbed, I hadn't noticed her til she walked up to me. What a delicious surprise! And I was drunk enough to be quite comfortable snapping a picture:

Which she _hated_ and then she *made* me take another one...

...not that I minded. I have more pictures of her coming up later too. Funny thing is, later in the evening she wanted everyone to see the Dragon shot. I agree it's one of the most badass pictures I took all day.

This page was originally going to be all people; then I decided to throw in a picture of an inanimate object. This apparently is a music studio. Or wait - maybe I misunderstood and it's really an ART studio, or a studio APARTMENT...well whatever it is, it looks straight off a tropical island. Beautiful.

April was one of the people who, like me, LIKES the sun. She doesn't look that blurry in real life.

This was Melissa's first TW fest. She was the one who finally convinced me I should attend the Mermaid Parade. Here she is, not thinking she's photogenic. Or at least that's what she said. A lot of times that causes a bad picture. But I like this one. She looks like she's having a rollickin' good time.

I have a theory about people who "aren't photogenic". Thing is, they don't THINK they are so that when they see a camera pointed their way they frown or make a funny face or something so that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So you have to get a candid shot.

I went inside and grabbed these two shots. They turned out to be not so candid. She definitely couldn't get it out of her mind that I was talking pictures. I don't remember her name but then again I never KNEW it cause I never ASKED her for it. We did discuss my theory of non-photogenic people though. I think she agreed.


I did manage to get much better shots of her later in the night though.

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