Ah... night time. The party's almost over right? NOT SO! There are at least 7, maybe 8 hours of partying to go! Isn't that insane? Good thing I drank all that water. And had some coffee too.

Most of the post-midnight part of night, I was in the basement bar. They were having a martini lounge hour from 1 to 2, which turned into 2 hours since the first time it was 2, it suddenly became 1 again. I had never had a martini before, in my life! A bit *too* trendy I guess. But, all anti-mainstream ethic thrown to the wind, I decided to give it a whirl. Asked if I wanted a gin or a vodka martini, I opted for Gin, of course! And another. and another. I still have never tasted a vodka martini.

I had the idea that there should be a martini with black olives instead of green, and those olives should be stuffed with feta cheese! I told various people about my idea, and got responses ranging from *eww!* to *hahah you would have to put lettuce and croutons in there too!* until I mentioned it to the bartender (who might have STILL been Jack, who had served me my first couple of morning Bloody Marys outside). He was knowledgeable enough to be aware that a martini with black olives is known as a 'buckeye' and that if I cared to go to the trouble of stuffing a whole mess of black olives with feta cheese next year, he would happily serve them! I said it's a deal, if I remember. Now all I need to do is remember to read this website shortly before TW13! If it all comes to pass, the new drink will be called... a Greek Buckeye! no. A Greek-Style Buckeye! nope. a BROWNEYE! AAAHAHAHHAA that will be the name. A Browneye. :D

I saw someone of whom I wanted to get some candid shots shooting pool, so I took a whole mess! You might rememeber her from another page.




Look who's back! It's Mika, of cool dragon exhalation smoke effects, looking gorgeous as ever- maybe even more gorgeous...really it's not like she went anywhere. I had been running into her again and again all day; I just didn't happen to take any more pictures until right now. Not that I shouldn't have.

Here's a nice shot of her with her friend, "BUDDHA". Looks like Mika just completed another smoke effect, and my timing was not perfect enough to catch it happening. Still, I like how there's smoke all around them and their wasted expressions. For some reason it relaxes me.

Here Buddha, Mika, and Johhny strike an arguably somewhat awesome pose for the camera. Buddha finds himself another friend after Mika disappears off into the night.

And who is this 'Johnny' of whom I speak? Why, he's friend to the Bnib and cousin to Wooden Thomas. A Bloody Snowman he is, and a Modern Day Carpetbagger. Even a Snot! And the Jock half of Jock & Toll. He has even been known the fraternize and even on occasion actually BE one of ...the Knights of Chaos! Here he is with the lovely Tina.

Tina has a REALLY BAD ASS picture of GJillian's tattooed arm full of fish. She says she will email it to me. We gave each other our email addresses, but I forgot hers, and she said she knew she would also forget mine. No matter. Johnny said he will get my email address from Wooden Thomas and then give it to Tina so she can send me the picture. I wonder if it will happen.

And finally, here is one of our illustrious hosts, the only one I believe I snapped a picture of. Jack, the eternal bartender, with a friend. He partied as long as I did, except maybe a little more cause he started 1 hour earlier.

This is the point where I put my camera away. I was getting afraid I would break it. I came back and most everyone had gone to bed, except for a few newcomers who were shooting pool! Notably 2 roommates, Sage and Stiles. You may have noticed from the pictures I took that as far as I had seen, EVERYONE AT THE PARTY WAS WHITE! Not any more. Stiles was the first and only black woman there. And my camera had been stowed safely (?) away so that there's no way to prove this wasn't a racist party! Anyway, I liked the look of Sage, so I challenged her to a game a Strip Pool --- in the semi-dark! In this particular game, every time you scratch you have to remove an article of clothing - of your opponent's choosing! I said if she won I would *have* to give her a full-body sensual massage, and she agreed! How interesting! No mention of what would happen in *I* won.

We both kind of sucked. That made it more fun. However, I only wound up losing a shoe and a sock. However, she lost BOTH shoes and BOTH socks and her outer shirt, come to think of it! I wanted to enforce the rule of the opponent decides what goes and get her to remove her pants, but she refused! So I made her take her sock off the foot that still had a shoe on it and then put her shoe back on her bare foot! eeehehehehheeeee....

When both her shoes were off, I noticed she was STILL TALLER THAN ME!!! How absolutely SEXY! I LOVE IT when women are taller than me, and it almost NEVER happens. She's 6'3" of smokin sexy blondeness. Then I lost my head and sunk the 8 ball. early. So I *had* to give her a sensual full body massage.

To make a long story short, I have every reason to believe she liked it very much. That's ALL I will say here. 'nuff said.

We parted ways; she went home without me. So I spent the remainder of the night dancing by myself with a flashlight for the artistic effect of a light show. For some reason Laetizza's cool boyfriend kept coming over to dance with me. Was he trying to make fun of me? Is he "bi"? Was he suggesting a threesome even? I'll never know. By that point, I was wayyy too drunk to do anything but make a sloppy ass of myself in any sexual situation, and if I had been confronted by Dick, I may very well have puked. Everywhere.

That would not have been pretty.

I went outside and hung by the fire a piece. there were 2 couples there enjoying its warmth. Yes. It was getting to that part of the party where everyone has paired off except me! It's the only time I feel it's a damn shame that there are no other Bniblets on this world. I entertained myself by gnawing on the grizzled bone which was all that remained of a piece of meat. That bone was like 3 feet long! I must have looked *very* caveman-like. It was also quite amusing to listen to some woman grossing out over it. *snirk*

Eventually, even the very last couples all went to pass out in exquisite dual intoxication. I was determined to stay up til 6 am so I could be a 25 HOUR PARTY PERSON, unlike these wimps. Never mind that I wasn't even AWAKE until 24 hours before then. SHHHHH! Don't tell anyone! I went inside to enjoy some more water, and a bit of coffee. I discovered the OTHER piece of meat had been left in there. And - there was A LOT of it left. I went at it with a large knife, and a vengeance! ooo it was sooo tender and rare. Some would say raw. I could almost hear it mooing. My eyes rolled back into my head like a shark in a feeding frenzy. Ecstacy!

Afterward, as I was sipping some coffee and watching the final minutes tick away into nothingness, I blearily noticed two early awakeners (or was it only one and I was seeing double?) come in, perhaps from somewhere outside. I offered them some coffee I had just made, and the final hour struck! 6 AM Sunday was upon us! Time for this Bnib to get a wee bit of shuteye.

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