I woke at 6:30.
I didn't actually rise til 7:00!
But I had partied the previous evening, so that makes up for it, right?

I woke to the tune of a medium-sized hangover and very WET FEET. Seems my tent had collected a nice puddle of ICE WATER in one corner. The corner also happened to have my FEET in it. Nothing says GOOD MORNING like COLD WET FEET! Just so you know, these 2 pictures of tent City were not taken as I woke. They were from a couple of hours later. That explains the BRIGHTNESS.


So. After changing into some dry socks, I trudged on down the hill into the house, where I set up my wet-ended sleeping bag to be dried by a wood burning stove. Steam billowed off it shortly! This made me somewhat more optomistic about the whole thing. And then there was that certain smell ....IT'S BACON!

If I were hungry, this would have made me REALLY optomistic. But what really did it, what really was the kicker?

*insert angelic aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh here*

Indeed. A Giant Pitcher of Bloody Marys!

It took me merely one Bloody Mary to feel chipper. I drank 3 more. or 4? and some beer. This is one of those times when Life is Good. In fact, I remember feeling like that quite often, all day long. And all night long, for that matter.

I returned inside with my 4th (5th?) 20 oz of Mary to hang out with people getting warm around the stove and check on my steaming sleeping bag. Why are there no good pictures of people yet? Don't worry. They will come later. Trust me.

For now, let's sit with Shiva, at 4:20, no less.


***rewind to last night***contents***a couch toboggan race???