Here is someone who couldn't look ugly, now matter how hard she tried.

I was sitting at the bar, drinking whisky, I think. It had this wicked bitter-tart taste that approached nasty, as if it were designed for a nonhuman palette, or like it was really gin and whiskey mixed together. After the first sip it went down easier.

Then I felt someone come up, talking and rubbing against me, the way girls do sometimes when they like you. At first I didn't remember her name. I knew it started with an L though. She asked me what I was drinking and tried some. Don't think she liked it too much more than I did.

I wondered where she got her accent from and she told me it's French. So apparently she's originally from France...I don't know how long she's been in upstate NY though. She wondered what I was going to do with all these pictures and I told her I was putting them on a website. I can't say she really liked the idea a LOT, but she was cool with it. I asked how to spell her name, but she dodged the question, so I had to guess. I probably guessed wrong. It's pronounced lay-TEET-sa in case you were thinking different. Then Wooden Thomas came up and took us a couple of pictures...

That big orange-and-pink thing is a Bnib Bnab 4/5 of the way into a 25 hour drinking binge.

Nice Tonsils! OH and THAT'S what I was drinking! "Jeremiah Weed" It tasted like jeremiah weed too :P

To my dismay, She has a boyfriend. I met him. He actually seems really cool. It would have been a damn shame if she had an asshole for a boyfriend.

I didn't take any pictures of him.

In my mind's jaundiced eye, I can see them both right now, after somehow finding this site, laughing and laughing at how I spelled her name. :(