Evening came, as it always does eventually. And with evening after a day of drinking came..a cigarette jones. There was a public cigarette pack left on the bar downstairs which never quite seemed to get empty.

I wonder why...I mean, who could pass up Camel Menthol Lights 100s, hmm? Fortunately, I was not reduced to partaking of these until the bitter end. Early on, there were plenty of bummable cigarettes to be had.

Getting off that subject... about this time I realized I hadn't had any water for quite some time. I decided the thing to do was go upstairs to where there was a water tap. I figured on the Dead Battery Farm, the very tap water is probably potable. I moseyed on upstairs, only to find Wooden Thomas giving tattoos with a needle-free tattoo gun!

He was damn good at it too!

I said maybe next year he should bring a real tattoo gun.

My having a camera and taking pictures caused GJillian to mention that she 'is not photogenic'! hahahahhaa. hAAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT old can of worms again! Guess what happened next...


All along I was drinking LOTS and LOTS of water. I poured maybe 10, 15, maybe even 20 sixteen ounce plastic cups full of water down my parched gullet until I felt hydrated and then I continued to do so until I felt actually bloated. If you can get waterlogged at a party of this extreme nature, you're way ahead of the game. About this time is when Laetizza entered the room, and my conciousness.

I had invited Kristy from western PA to come to the party, but she got sick and decided not to go. She didn't expect her friends to go without her, but there was the possiblity they might. Anyway, I see this lovely young girl looking exactly like someone who just got there and I imagined she must be one of Kristy's friends! I immediately insisted 'You look like you just got here!' to which she laughed and responded that yes, indeed she had. So, I further inquired, 'Are you from western PA?' The answer was 'No. I'm from right around here'. Who knows what we talked about after that? I sure don't. For all I know I was babbling about water. But whatever we were discussing, it must have been good since she came back around later.

All along, of course, I continued to drink LOTS and LOTS of water. Also all along, bands had been playing outside. All of them had been enjoyable. Not that I was paying close attention. I decided to go outside and START paying close attention.

These guys had the best costumes of all the bands I had the occasion to actually see. They probably were the best dressed of all. You can't really do too much better than that on a local-band-playing-at-a-party budget. Well, you could, but who would?

FIRE DANCING MOVIES! At some point during the bands & music segment of the party, 2 women began to dance with FIRE!!!! And I shot 2 movies of it. One is really short, cause I ran out of space on my card. Whoops.

movie 1 (2.7 megs)    movie 2 (501 Kb)

Somehow I thought the flash would reach the 15 or 20 feet to illuminate this band (below). I actually remember their name! Maybe that's because I bought their CD? They are known as SKELETON KEY and if you squint really hard you can see them rock out!!!

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