Let me start by saying I'm ok now. Mostly ok, anyway! That was one industrial-strength hangover I had, if that's what is was. I had to take virtually the entire week off from work to recover. I managed to get in 6 hours. Either I'm getting old, or I ate something which doesn't agree with me. Actually I have a secret theory. I'm not tellin'! One person might be able to guess. he probably doesn't even know who he is. But he might.

Basically it took about 36 hours after arrival home to be able to eat again. I felt much better after I ate. I felt even MORE better after I found out all the movies and pictures were salvageable. What a load off my mind! That alone made this site possible.

Maybe next year I'll drive instead of catching a bus. That way I can crash out ALL DAY LONG and then drive back on Sunday night. It's a tossup really, as the bus was part of the whole experience. So Now at the end of the paragraph, I decide to catch a bus again. Maybe this time I'll eat the bacon grilled cheese sandwich before I go.

I watched a movie today, 10/31, Halloween. It was about the Jersey Devil. 13th Child: the Legend of the Jersey Devil it was called. Done up in bad B movie style, it was pretty cool for what it was. Good movie to see on Halloween.

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Toodles! love, B B