Yet again, the camera needed a steady hand in order to take a good shot. Yet again, I did not have one.

I kind of like these though. They make the bar look like it would if you were really really drunk, and maybe on some acid. I always thought that would be a good mix for a Tom Waits festival. I heard otherwise from someone who tried it last year. Hey wait a minute! There WAS no Tom Waits festival last year!

And when you use the flash, It looks like OTHER people are drunk, and not you! interesting...

I decided, why not brave the rain outside and get a drink from the OTHER bar. It was a lot less crowded. I took some pictures, and they all came out fucked up. This one was really cool:

Someone brought a really cute doggie who was hiding under the bar from the rain.


oh shit! time to go to sleep! See you tomorrow.

***back to the bus***contents***TW12 gradually gets going at dawn...***