I am wondering what all the people who come here think of what they have found. Do you like? What should I add? LET ME KNOW ok?
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Hey all you nosepickers out there in cyber-land!
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Where am I? How did I get here? How do I get out????? Here is a satellite image of (part of) Philadelphia, the wonderful garbage dump where I live...

Some really strange things people think are sexy these days...

Yay! I registered a domain name a rather long time ago... at this site.
A rather shorter time ago, I moved it to the servers of my new host, since for some reason they insist on chraging extra for a redirect to another server.

Hey kids! REALLY GREAT BEER! Monk's Cafe.

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Here's something kind of interesting. It's a list of sites that (to my knowledge) currently link me:
hate the mainstream
wooden thomas
the dan clan
jon's news
the instigator
robert duhaime
john's crawlspace
dark secret love
the adversary


You know they say if you sneeze with your eyes open they'll pop right out of your head
sniff oh scuze me... I'm kind of allergic to snails....

Once upon a time I was at a friend's house where I had the priveledge of dumping the litter box in the trash. I went to open the trash bag and all these BIG fuggin maggots came crawling out at me! Hmmm. Maggots! Life goes on...

snails (above)

I was posting dreams on my site for a while. I only put three of them up, and one of somebody else's. If you would like YOUR dream posted, email me at this address and we'll see what we can do. And to read my dreams, including my crazy flu-induced dream, click here.
To read the Special Guest dream, click HERE.

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I decided to move the link to the USA listings of Medical Research Testing Centers back down here for undisclosed reasons. If you want to get paid to do drugs, or if you just want to know about it, just click on the extra wide Bnib below and there you go!

the Extra Wide Bnib
Right here right now:The International listings!

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