Just thought I should put up some new pictures around here. I took these around the neighborhood:

Somebody really aught to tell these guys what that means in English.

Happy 80th there, gramps!

Serving up unidentifiable red pickled things, whole fried ducks with the head left on, and all your other tac kee food needs!

This place has really weird hours. 3 am to 3 pm. Wow. I actually ate here once. I was really drunk and ordered creamed chipped beef on toast. Yes I am still alive! The place is like a regular diner inside except there are no (transparent) windows and the walls are tiled as if it were once a smallish locker room.
This roll also included pictures from
my trip to Colorado on May 2000.

NO in many languages

Late one sunny night, I happened upon the museum of bad art.

Twilight HQ weather forecast
heat, snow, periods of fire.
Possibility of sand in your shoes
tomorrow night:
no weather
the day after tomorrow:

Don't let this happen to you!

Meet a Prion
Not even vegans are safe.

A little eyeball?Pick me!
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