At some point, I ran across two women who were enjoying MANGOES ON A STICK!!! 'Mangoes on a stick' is one of the very best ideas I've ever heard of. I was elated and I had to know where to get them. They told me. It was located down on the beach, right near the water...

What should I find as soon as I step on the beach but this devastatingly gorgeous girl! I asked her if I could have her picture. She replied with this most beautiful smile. I could have swooned...but in the nick of time I pulled myself together and snapped this picture. There was more to her in the viewfinder, but, alas, the camera cut off her lovely bottom half! *sigh* I wish I could have taken her home.

Noting that the uncostumed set not only were not sick of being photographed, but they were actually eager for it, I noticed 3 people digging a hole. Guess which one caught my eye?

Then we started talking a little. They were a bit peeved since all they had found was a damn stick! I spose they could try and sell it on Ebay. They might get 50. I snapped another shot but once again the camera conspired against me and took a different shot than I saw through the viewfinder, nearly missing the Asian cutie (who was actualy trying to get in the picture). As luck would have it, instead, you get to enjoy this dude's trim physique, if that's your thing.

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