Turns out long ago (the 50s to be exact) "they" were planning on developing this island. They built a 15 mile long road down the island called 'Baltimore Boulevard' and started building the typical grid of numbered streets and perhaps some houses already. But...in 1962 there was a huge hurricane which flattened pretty much everything and made them change their minds about how good of an idea it was to develop this place. All that remains of that venture is a long, shredded up asphalt strip:

While I strolled around inland, I stayed on Baltimore Blvd as much as possible cause for some reason the mosquitoes weren't as bad as long as you stayed on it. Here's a shot of undeveloped inland taken from the 'boulevard':

I shudder to think how many mosquitoes are in there *shudders* (see?)
I noticed a vanload of Amish woman, no men, just women, getting out of a white van. I hear they don't like getting their picture taken, so I was respectful and didn't take one. Instead, I made my way back to the beach. This far south, there really wasn't anybody around. It was nice.

Then I saw a dolphin hop out of the water. and another. and another! They were being too elusive to take a picture of. Presently the Amish approached. They seemed a little nervous, maybe cause of my camera, but I pointed out the dolphins and they thought that was really cool. They looked so out of place in full length black dresses and little white head coverings on the beach. Soon they were lifting up their skirts ever so slightly to wade in the ocean. It would have been so easy to be an asshole and take a picture, but I'm not like that. Sometimes I wonder if that's a good or a bad thing. But between you and me, I think it's a good thing, right now, anyway.